5 Hair Care Tricks You Are Not Aware Of

Well, so I am here with similar amazing tricks which you might be not aware of and like me, might have been doing it all wrong! So, checkout the top 7 hair care tricks!

1. Use A Cotton T-Shirt To Wrap Your Head

After shower, it is very important that you don’t use a towel but actually a soft cotton t-shirt, which you no longer wear, to wrap your head in it!  Cotton fabric absorbs as much moisture from the head that is essential while towels generally soak all the water and leave your hair dry & frizzy!

Just wrap the t-shirt and leave it like that for 12-15 minutes.

2. Sleep on a satin Pillow

You must have noticed how you sleep at night after brushing your hair and in the morning your hair feels like a bird’s nest! Well, the reason may be the fabric of your pillow which creates a static friction and cause your hair to become a mess and tends to turn frizzy immensely!

Try to replace your pillow covers with the satin ones and say goodbye to frizzy and unmanageable hair!

3. Try To untangle your hair while applying conditioner

Always make sure to de-tangle your hair while applying conditioner as that is an easy to way to reduce hair fall breakage after hair wash and also make your hair look smoother & more manageable!

Apply the conditioner on the ends of your hair and while rinsing use your fingers to un-tangle the knots in your hair.

4. Spray Your Comb With a leave in Spray

Combs cause a lot of static pressure which you must have read during school and that friction is enough to cause frizz in your hair! Well, another way to make sure that your hair doesn’t get affected by the static friction of the comb, spray a little amount of leave-in spray and then de-tangle your hair in a safe way!

5. Keep Your Hair braided overnight For Beach Waves

Who doesn’t love soft wavy curls in hair for a different look! Well, a quick trick to get those beach waves is to first wash your hair, let it air dry naturally and then braid the hair and keep it overnight and wake up next morning with soft curls without using any heat treatment or any hair appliance!

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