The Floating Eyeliner Trend

Well, this new Floating Eyeliner trend has been seen on models on the Ramp and its high time to try it for ourselves if you too feel that any attempt at making wings on the eyelids goes in vain because the final look doesn’t look alluring! The look has been quite universal and so many women of different types of eyes have tried & created this floating eye liner trend which you need to checkout!

Well, here is everything you need to known about this unique trend of Floating Eyeliner which is in vogue these days!

Talking about mono lid eyes, usually one needs to put a lot of product to create a winged liner/ cat eyeliner look because when the eye opens up, the liner along with the upper lash line is folded & looks as if you haven’t applied anything at all! So yes you need to go overboard with the liner which is totally justified! So, what if we have another trend which is great for all those blessed with mono-lid eyes?

It was basically called a No-liner Winged Eyeliner/ Invisible Liner Look but because you can clearly see the wings, it was called as a Floating Eyeliner and has been a trend which most beauty enthusiasts are following!

What it is?

It actually looks as if the actual place where the eyeliner goes has been drawn a level above and give a floating look! You can go out & about the whole lids, crease are with eye shadows and everything but the area where the eyeliner is usually applied in a winged-eye look is usually left and a level above is where the Floating Eyeliner is drawn!

How To Do it?

  • You can use Eye-stencils or a clear tape which you mostly use if you practice a cat eye or a winged eye look for perfection!
  • Instead of drawing a cat eye along your lash line, apply the liner in the lower portion of the crease so that it gives a look like it just “Floats ” on your eyelids!
  • This eyeliner trick is very simple to follow. Just keep your mono-lid eyes open and apply the floating eyeliner on the eye as if your lash line & eyeliner is just the same!
  • With this liner trick you can easily apply your favorite cat eye liner, winged eye liner look without wasting too much product and also not investing a lot of time doing the cat eye look!

Overall, if you are into cut-crease eye makeup then this floating trend also helps in creating other unique looks by pairing with the floating eye liner trend which you can create if you are a professional makeup artist or just if you wish to change your eye makeup game for any special occasion!

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